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Employee Corner

Employee Covenant

Taking care of our customers begins with taking care of you, our employees. We are committed to providing a strong, supportive environment where you can thrive. To that end, we promise to position you for success with:

- A robust orientation to welcome you to the Family and MWR team
- Clear performance standards for service excellence
- Formal and informal training to develop your skills
- Performance support tools to assist you on the job
- A holistic program of recognition and incentives to reward excellent service
- Career development opportunities to reach your full potential

Customer Covenant

We are committed to providing quality through service excellence to our Soldiers and Families commensurate with the quality of their service to our Nation. We understand that we create value for our customers through predictable, consistent, efficient and customer focused service. To that end, we promise our customers they will:

- Always be respected and treated as individuals who are valued
- Receive a prompt and friendly greeting in a professional and courteous manner
- Experience aesthetically-pleasing facilities
- Receive timely, accurate and helpful information
- Be offered high quality products and services
- Have an opportunity to provide feedback

Army Civilian Corps Creed

- I am an Army Civilian – a member of the Army Team
- I am dedicated to our Army, our Soldiers and Civilians
- I will always support the mission
- I provide stability and continuity during war and peace
- I support and defend the Constitution of the United States and consider it an honor
to serve our Nation and our Army
- I live the Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage
- I am an Army Civilian


Employee Links

Army MWR Employee Portal

U.S. Army Installation Management Academy

U.S. Army NAF Benefits Online


Army Knowledge Online (AKO)


Marketing/Creative Services Forms & Tools

Marketing/Creative Services Request Form

Printed Signage/Printed Static Display Request Form

Website Update Request Form

Business Card Request Form

Lunch Specials Submission Form

Movie Scheduling/Submission Form

DFMWR Planning Calendar Submission Form

Review of Pre-production Artwork Proofs
Marketing/Creative Services Online Artwork Proofing


Information Technology/Automation Forms

IT Work Order Form (NOTE: This link will only work from a YPG computer on the Army Network)



NAF Employee Handbook



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